Green Wash

Only 4 litres of water are needed to wash your car



Green Wash is the top ecological vehicle washing franchise in Spain. It has a rich and extensive business background and a large team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in cleaning and reconditioning vehicles.

As we are interested in sustainable development, and we know how important it is to help the environment, we have developed a pioneering method in ecological washing, the underlying premise of which is to save water. The great technological and environmental advance of the Green Wash method is that it makes it possible to wash a vehicle with less than 4 litres of water. In addition to these important advantages, Green Wash creates employment: our company is committed to people, as each washing team generates at least one new job and we also help to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace and society.

We currently have an extensive network of franchised-based washing centres the length and breadth of our autonomous communities. However, we are not only present in Spain, our internationalisation phase, which has already begun in Andorra and Bulgaria, will be extended to all the countries in the European Union, opening up the U.S. market and Morocco.

There are currently more than 1.5 million people committed to the environment who use Green Wash ecological washing in Spain.

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