Ecological, economical and independent


The Green Wash cleaning team is the result of intensive R&D, combining and taking into account values such as ergonomics, small size, mobility, ease of operation and self-sufficiency for sure success.

Comparativa Sistemas Lavado VehiculosThe cleaning equipment is independent, it does not need to be installed or connected to the mains or the water network. This offers the advantage of making it possible to wash the vehicle where it is parked without leaving any dirt on the ground.

The complete vehicle washing process (outdoors and indoors) takes approximately 40 minutes. Notable aspects are its low water consumption of less than 4 litres per vehicle, and an unsurpassed cleaning quality without any risk to the bodywork.

In addition, thanks to the excellent way in which it is manufactured, no technical service is required. If it breaks down, all the franchisee needs to do is replace the base plate where all the elements necessary for it to operate are incorporated.

Green Wash boasts other cutting-edge complementary equipment in its washing centres designed to save as much product, water and energy as possible and that is capable not only of providing a perfect washing and vacuuming service, but also of providing services such as upholstery cleaning, deodorisation and disinfection of interiors, bodywork waxing, special treatments for leather, interior vinyl, restoration and headlight polishing. In short, the widest and most complete range of services for the automotive industry.


Any franchising company must have the legal requirements that allow it to act and carry out its commercial work within the framework of this legality. Among these legal aspects, a trademark is required that has been certified and has all the concessions of the Register of Patents and Trademarks.

This is the case of GREEN WASH, which was registered on February 21, 2008 under number 005991468.

The trademark, trade name and relevant registrations on the product designs, as well as the rights enshrined on them, are duly registered in the European Official Registries under registration number 000760608-0001 dated 19/07/2007, and amended and extended on 12/05/2015 with OHIM registration number 002684506-0001 in the case of the industrial model and link both numbers to their corresponding registration documents.

It is also necessary to register franchising companies through the Ministry of Industry, as an essential requirement before being able to market franchises. Of course, Green Wash is also registered in that register under no. 2009/1735/13/28/4F.

We wanted to create this legal information section for customers to serve as a guide and advice, because we want to help you and we do not want you to fall into the hands of unscrupulous companies that show reviews of fictitious customers from their franchise portals and others whose legality has not been previously proven, which seriously jeopardises our professionalism and your future as a business partner of the franchise.

You will always be sure of your rights and obligations with us because we are a registered and accredited company and at your disposal at all times for any request or query you wish to make. You can call us by phone, send us an email or fax and you will always receive a guaranteed professional response.

We keep our word.

Industrial washing system.

With a recognised ecological certificate and all legal guarantees