Legal Notice


GREEN WASH ECOLOGICAL, S. L. with business address in Calle Río Cea número 1. Nave 74 (J-4). Polígono Industrial “Las Hervencias”. Parque Empresarial “El Pinar de las Hervencias”. 05004 Ávila, Spain, and registered as a limited company in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, and with CIF number B88088463 states the following:

1.- Each and every one of the intellectual property rights that appear on its website, including but not limited to formats, codes, fonts, styles, designs, content, navigation, databases, information, images, texts and addresses are the exclusive property of GREEN WASH, which reserves the exclusive right to exploit them, their reproduction, assignment, distribution, modifications and public communications.

2.- GREEN WASH makes available free of charge to all Internet users the access and use of its website, but reserves the right to make any modification, addition, deletion or to update the content, as well as everything that has to do with the presentation and configuration of its website for commercial and/or legal purposes, at its sole and complete discretion, within the scope set out by law.

3.- Users will be able to access, download and print this website, either in its entirety or in part, as long as it is for private and personal use. Its use for commercial purposes unconnected to this company is strictly forbidden. Distribution, printing, modification or compilation is not permitted unless prior written permission has been obtained from Green Wash.

4.- The conditions of this authorisation for private use and benefit are also expressly forbidden for all those purposes other than those of Green Wash. Consequently, it is not permitted to use the images, graphics, icons, logos, etc. contained in the website for any other purpose, given that they are all subject to intellectual property, the sole and exclusive rights of which are maintained and represented by Green Wash.

5.- The free access to the website is the unique and exclusive responsibility of the person or people who use it. Green Wash is not responsible for the use that these users could make of the content and images of, either by directly accessing the page or through external links, nor will it ever be held responsible for possible damages or security errors that the user may suffer, both on their computer (equipment and peripherals), in the computer system (hardware and software) as well as in the files and folders stored, or the appearance of any viruses, as well as damage caused by events beyond their control, as a result of network failure, browser malfunction or the use of incorrectly updated or incompatible versions by the user.

6.- Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content of the website, nor the conditions of access to it, nor the use that could be made by third parties through external links. We undertake to carry out constant maintenance and monitoring in order to avoid these possible crimes but we can never be held responsible for them. Our commitment to the veracity and quality of the website encourages us to strive to avoid them and, if necessary, to correct and notify them as quickly as possible.

7.- Green Wash is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights of all its products and services, and in particular but not exclusively, of those referring to its registered trademark “Green Wash” – Provided that Green Wash cites or names third party sources, it will do so in such a way that the intellectual or commercial property of the owner or the relevant owners is expressed. Green Wash hereby declares its express dissociation with respect to the opinions that may be expressed by said third parties. The mere appearance or mention on its website does not imply the existence of a recognition of rights or responsibilities on the part of Green Wash. We also distance ourselves from any similarity that could give rise to the assumption of an intention on our part to adhesion, acquiescence, sponsorship, endorsement, recommendation or connivance to what is manifested by third parties.

8.- We warn that we will take legal action against anyone who makes unauthorised use of the information contained on our website, infringes our intellectual property rights, attempts to sell or resell through it, copies, or damages, or attempts in any way, to harm our company economically, commercially, morally or professionally, all of which would imply legal action on our part with immediate effect and without delay.

9.- The competent court in case of legal dispute, and with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, shall be the business and tax domicile of Green Wash; if the accused resides outside Spanish territory, it must agree to submit to the laws and courts of Ávila, Spain, with express waiver of any other forum or jurisdiction.