Ecological washing centre located in public or shopping centre car parks.

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Centre for ecological washing in industrial warehouses, near dealerships or vehicle fleets.

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Ecological washing service with mobile unit delivered to company premises or private homes.

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Ecological washing centre in commercial premises at street level with vehicle access.

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Green Wash is a pioneering, differentiated franchise company that is characterised, vis-à-vis other companies in the sector, by its international outlook that is committed to developing a real franchise system outside its borders with the same service and support guarantees that it already provides in Spain.

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    From the beginning, the service provided has been very supportive and transparent. They negotiated directly with the shopping centre and they gave me the best possible conditions.

    During the training course I learned everything required and if I have any questions, they have professionals who help you with commercial, technical or IT aspects with a simple call.

    Adelaida González Gómez

    Franchise holder, Green Wash Salamanca

    Always well rated, we use good products with a perfect finish and an optimal working method.

    The best quality for the customer with high customer loyalty.

    Always supported by the head office in the event of any question or need.

    Cristian Cabrera Fenoy

    Franchise holder, Green Wash Arenas Barcelona

    We’re very happy with the Green Wash franchise.

    Its management software that allows you to remotely control what is happening in your business.

    I started by setting up a centre and now I have two.

    Olga Vianney Mamani Callisaya

    Franchise holder, Green Wash C.C. Maquinista y C.C. Splau



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